It is rightly said that the journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. For the Motiwala Family, as their name suggests (Moti which means pearls in Hindi), the small first step was taken up in 1915 by Mr. E I  Motiwala when he commenced his business by  bringing handpicked (basra) pearls from the Persian Gulf to Mumbai.

His son Mr. A K Motiwala continued this tradition and established A K Motiwala Jewellers in the year 1950. Little did he know that he was laying the foundation of a legacy that people would revere for generations to come.

The business started from a small room in Motiwala bungalow with a humble and sincere approach to provide service and true value of jewellery products to their customers. The name A K Motiwalastands in the Heart of  Bandra with their Landmark Flagship store which opened in the year 1983. Apart from a love for delivering  a rich heritage of Fine Jewellery, the shop that would soon become his atelier – giving expression to numerous fascinating designs; A K Motiwala held two things very close to his heart. These were his twin principles of Honesty and Transparency. From his very early days, A K Motiwala understood the importance of fair trading practices that would translate into happy and loyal customers.

Every purchase at A K Motiwala comes with Trust of quality with complete transparency giving all details of the weight of metal and stones, with proper certifications. With the principles that are followed in the Business has made A K Motiwala Jewellers one of the most trusted Jewellery store in the city of Mumbai.

Today this store continues its rich legacy by Members of the Family. Mr.Ebraheem Motiwala, Mr. Ahad Motiwala, Mr.Shafee Motiwala and  Mr Moinuddin Motiwala, who are pioneers in the Luxury business and have taken the business forward from their Landmark flagship store located in the heart of Bandra. Their professionalism in appearance and conduct has made them achieve several Industry awards which include the Indira Gandhi Excellence Award and the Vijay Ratna award for enriching human life and outstanding attainments; mainly for their authority, expertise and their service excellence.

A K Motiwala provides exclusive designs which are way beyond expectations of design and desire to their customers.  The range conisits of Timeless and Contemporary jewelery which are customised to suit the needs of every client. The elegant styling with Flawless certified stones ensure a value for every rupee spent.  Whether you are looking for Bridal jewelery or just a piece to keep close to your heart, every woman will cherish the Grandeur from the Traditional yet modern Jewelery from the House of A K Motiwala Jewelers.